Research Grants

Research Grants as Principal Investigator:

  1. ACHARS (Pickles) Reduce Inflammation and Improve Microbiome In Rural Pakistani Women 
  2. 2D43TW007585-11 Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Enteric Health and Malnutrition in Pakistan (PIDEMP) Research Training Program.
  3. Capsule Endomicroscopy for Visualization of the Small Intestine in EED Population in Pakistan. 
  4. Impact Assessment of Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction in Pakistan’s Routine Immunization Program
  5. Supplement to the Study of Environmental Enteropathy and Malnutrition in Pakistan (SEEM Pakistan)
  6. Study of Environmental Enteropathy and Malnutrition in Pakistan (SEEM Pakistan)
  7. Sentinel Hospital Surveillance for Intussusception in Pakistan
  8. Impact of introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine PCV10 on invasive pneumococcal disease and nasopharyngeal carriage among children in Lower Sindh, Pakistan
  9. Efficacy and Immunogenicity of Tdap Immunization of Pregnant Women for Preventing Pertussis in Early Infancy in Pakistan.
  10. Vaccine Implementation Technical Assistance Consortium (VITAC) Advocacy & Communications (A&C) in Pakistan. 
  11. Identification of Biomarkers for Environmental Enteropathy in Children Using an Evidence-Based Approach.
  12. Characterize Respiratory Pathogens Endemic to Pakistan (RESPAK). 
  13. Automated SMS text messages to monitor the coverage during polio Supplemental Immunization Activities in Karachi. 
  14. Grant Contract with the Meningococcal Working Group of Strategic Advisory Group of Experts, WHO for assistance in making meningococcal vaccine recommendations for the world. 
  15. The Immunogenicity of Rotavirus Vaccine under Different Age Schedules and the Impact of Withholding Breast Feeding Around the Time of Vaccination on the Immunogenicity of Rotarix Vaccine.
  16. 1R01TW008126– Burden of RSV and Influenza Virus in Children in Pakistan: Investigator initiated RO1 grant funded by the Global Health Research Initiative Program (GRIP) of Fogarty International Center, NIH. Project involved establishing a viral molecular diagnostic lab at AKU and conducting inpatient and community based surveillance for RSV and Influenza virus in Pakistan.